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What is


Plena is a Vision Studio: an educational studio that inspires imaginations and visions from any aspect of life into boundless pieces of work.  



"To reach beyond our visions and inspire our future"

Plena was founded as a Vision Studio where students and menotors came together to embolden our passions in our lives to something greater.

Our mission has an emphasis on each member's visions in their lives and their expressions: inspiring not only their future but also their communities.


Our studio's original title is "Caelum Plena."

Caelum - Latin for Heaven and Chisel

Plena -  Latin for Sublime Integrity

Our vision comes from our name: craving out our visions and passions to reach for sublime integrity.

We strive to create original work that inspires people to reach beyond what we can imagine but at the same time realize the greatness in our lives. 

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